Investment properties

Investment Properties

Historically, property has always increased in value over time. While there may be dips and plateaus, if you’re in it for the long term, it is generally considered one of the more solid forms of investment.

There are many factors that drive an increase in property value, however the right property selection and exhaustive due diligence is the key to significantly growing your wealth and investment portfolio.

With Location One, Brisbane’s leading Buyer’s Agent working for you, we will ensure that we find a property that performs consistently over time, that has good rent-ability and is well positioned (close to infrastructure and services).

We continually monitor and analyse the property market to identify growth areas, we research the market thoroughly to ensure your purchase suits your long term investment strategy and that it provides a good, strong return.

Many investors don’t have the time needed to adequately research the market, nor do they have the time to inspect and evaluate each property. This is where we can save you time, money and take the stress and hassle out of buying your next investment property.


Property Management for your Investment

Once we have assisted you in purchasing your investment property, we can help you find the right company to manage your property. Choosing the right property manager can often be a daunting task. In order to find the right property management group, we will look at the company’s experience, procedures, reporting systems, payment structures and most importantly their tenant selection process.