Market appraisal

Market Appraisal

Once you have identified the property of choice we will conduct a full appraisal of the property and give you a market value.

Whether you are purchasing a home or an investment property you want to make a decision based on the current market rather than an emotional decision.

Acquisition strategy – Negotiating the best possible price and terms

Once you are confident the property ticks all the right boxes and you would like to pursue purchasing the property, this is where our negotiating skills will ensure you get the best possible price and terms.

When buying a property as your home or an investment and whether it’s at an auction or for sale, negotiating the best price can be daunting.

Our experience along with our emotional detachment from the property means that you will not exceed your budget or be left buying a property that is more than market value.

Prior to auction we conduct a market appraisal including a review of the latest sales figures of similar properties. From this, we work out a realistic estimate of the purchase price and set our limit and purchase strategy.

We will employ the right strategies and tactics to ensure you have the best possible chance of securing the property at the best possible price. Whether it’s auction, pre-auction or private sale our goal is to secure the best price and terms possible.

Finalising the purchase

Location One will manage and administer the entire contract process including organising and overseeing building inspections, finance, contract variations, conveyancing and settlement.