Furniture Hire

Removals/Furniture Hire

Location One can arrange your furniture removal at a competitive price. We can provide you with three independent quotes, confirm the booking and liaise between you and the removalist company throughout the entire process.

If your furniture is taking longer than expected, is in transit or you are looking to upgrade into a bigger residence we can assist you in finding quality rental furniture to fill your home.


Location One will ensure that the Telephone, Water, Gas, Internet and Electricity are connected prior to your occupation of the premises.

We understand there is so much to do when you move and that’s why we have a network of reliable partners who we use to get everything you need done. Whether it is relocating your pet, hiring furniture, engaging services such as a handyman, babysitters, gardener, house cleaner or even booking domestic travel, we can assist you in resettling your family as smoothly and as quickly as possible.