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School Search

For parents, finding the right day-care centre or school for your child is a major consideration when relocating.

Location One will guide you through this decision by providing you with the right information relevant to your family’s situation. Brisbane offers a varied array of schooling, whether it be private or public. Most of the public schools are subject to catchment zones, therefore making this an integral part of where you decide to reside as well. Introductions to the schools of interest can be made.

Lease Negotiations

If you have decided to lease a property, we can assist you in finding the right property and manage the lease negotiations for you.


Short Term Accommodation

If you require temporary accommodation during the transition of your relocation, we can arrange housing that meets your personal budget and needs. We can advise you on the most suitable options based on key factors such as, distance from your place of work, style of accommodation (family/ couple/ individual) and proximity to your identified areas of permanent residence.