Whilst the Melbourne and Sydney selling markets have shown expediential growth over the past few years, it is not great news for those southerners seeking property to purchase for investments purposes. With the Sydney, median unit prices reaching around the $700,000 mark, it is clear to see why many of those investors have turned to Brisbane.

Brisbane is an expanding marking that has shown consistent, steady growth over the past few years. In stark contrast the median unit price in Brisbane is currently nearing the $400,000 mark. So, with an almost 70% difference in median value and only a 17% income difference – it’s clear to see why Brisbane holds so much more value for Investors.

Purchasing property in Brisbane offers many different options for the Investor. Houses and Townhouses are by far the most highly sought after investments as they not only offer more space for the tenants but they also offer greater capital return for the investor. However, the older style units are also worth considering as they are often larger in floor plan, are closer to the CBD and offer an established history of rental return and growth. Presently, Brisbane has a surplus of new apartments being built and relatively new apartments sitting on the market for extended periods of time – often selling for lower that their original purchase prices.

At Location One we always sit down with our clients initially and discuss with them their primary need / strategy for the Investment Property –

  • Is it to achieve a higher yield (rent) or a higher capital growth return on their investment down the track?
  • Is their investment a short, medium or long term purchase?
  • Are they wishing to renovate and sell quickly or land bank and subdivide later?

By establishing the client’s needs, we can direct them into the style of investment that is going to achieve their goals.

Following the clients brief, we search high and low for the right property that will return the desired goals for the investor. Factors that influence the property choice might be-

  • Location – (proximity to employment, schools, shopping centres, hospitals and sporting facilities)
  • Property demand in that suburb
  • Rental returns and vacancy rates in suburb
  • Features of property – (Little or no garden, secure, car accommodation, large rooms, low maintenance)

At Location One we continually monitor and analyse the property market to identify the growth areas, we research the market thoroughly, stay up to date with the latest training and technology and stay abreast of all things Real estate. That is why many time poor investors are finding it a rewarding, successful and stress free process by using our Buyers Agent Brisbane services. If you would like to make your next investment a great investment – then we can help you. We offer an obligation free consultation, where we can outline our services and how we can best help meet your property needs. Call us now on  07 3262 5311 – we would love to help you.